Former Toyama lawmaker charged with illegal loan brokerage


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Tokyo, December 28 (Jiji Press) – Tokyo prosecutors indicted former Japanese lawmaker Kiyohiko Toyama and three others without arrest on Tuesday for illegally negotiating loans with a state-affiliated lender.

Toyama, 52, was once a member of the House of Representatives, the lower house of parliament, from Komeito, a partner of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. He was also state finance minister for one year starting in September 2019.

The four were accused of negotiating loans from the Japan Finance Corp. to struggling businesses, including those hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, 198 times between June 2019 and June of this year without registering as a provider of money-lending activities.

Toyama alone made 82 loan deals between March 2020 and June this year, according to the indictment. The four men admitted the charges, sources familiar with the investigation said.

The other three are Akira Shibuya, 61, former secretary to Masataka Ota, a former member of the Komeito lower house, Atsushi Maki, 74, former advisor to solar energy company Techno System and former consultant Techno System. Yutaka Kawashima, 78 years old.

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