How to benefit from the SBI agricultural gold loan via YONO? Know the interest rate, benefits, eligibility and more


SBI Agriculture Gold Loan: Here is an important update from the State Bank of India (SBI) for farmers. The country’s largest public sector lender offers SBI’s Agri gold loan. Interested persons can benefit from the loan through the YONO application of SBI. In case of questions and details, those interested can connect to the official SBI website at

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Recently, SBI tweeted from its official Twitter account about the Agri Gold loan. The tweet read: “Use SBI’s Agri Gold Loan at the lowest interest rate through YONO.”

The many advantages of the aforementioned loan are as follows:

1) SBI’s Agri Gold loan offers a low interest rate of 7%

2) Another advantage is the quick sanction of the loan

3) Interested people can apply through YONO for fast processing

4) There is also the advantage of easy reimbursement

Type of establishment
Now, interested people should know the type of facility and the loan amount. According to the official website of the SBI, no loans are available on gold bars. However, up to 50g of bank gold coins are allowed. The loan amount is based on the anticipated value of gold ornaments per gram of varying degrees of purity (22/2/20/18 karat).

The purpose of the loan is to meet the short-term production / investment credit needs of the following categories:
1) Farmers, engaged in agriculture, cultivating own land and / or rented or engaged in the cultivation of crops

2) Farmers in related activities like dairy, poultry, fishing, pigsty, sheep, etc.
entrepreneurs and farmers, who need investment credit to acquire agricultural machinery, undertake land development, irrigation, horticulture, transport of agricultural products, etc.

3) All other agricultural activities allowed to be classified as agriculture in accordance with RBI / GoI / NABARD guidelines

Who can benefit from it?
The loan facility is available for the following categories:

1) All farmers: Individuals who are owner-growers, Agri-entrepreneurs

2) tenant farmers, oral tenants & sharecroppers

3) Anyone carrying out agricultural or related activities and wishing to repay loans contracted with non-institutional lenders as well as persons carrying out activities authorized by the RBI to be classified in the agriculture category. A self-declaration must be obtained from the applicant that he is engaged in agriculture and related activities and that the loan used against the pledge of gold ornaments is for the repayment of higher interest rate loans taken from non-institutional lenders.

4) Proof of the file of land ownership and agricultural activities. (above Rs 2 lakh)

It should be noted that the loan can be used through the SBI YONO app.

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