Ocean Finance launches secure loan application powered by Nivo


The fully customized version of Nivo’s secure messaging service aims to provide Ocean Finance with a fast, easy and secure method of communicating with selected clients and lenders.

Customers can electronically sign documents, download payslips, and verify their identity using the app’s facial recognition process, saving applicants time and inconvenience and significantly speeding up the process. process, from initial application to loan or mortgage completion.

The new app is powered by Nivo’s secure messaging system, but is fully under the Ocean Finance brand, ensuring a consistent journey for their clients.

Additionally, the new app allows information to be shared securely by Ocean and any third party that is part of the Nivo network. For example, identity verification is easily and secure between Ocean and a growing number of Ocean lenders.

Geoff Dearden, Managing Director of Ocean Finance, said: “This latest investment in FinTech by Ocean Finance has brought several immediate benefits to our clients and to the way we manage and advance applications within the team.

“Our new app makes it faster and easier for customers to sign their claim documents and download necessary payslips using their smartphones while ensuring that we maintain the highest levels of security and customer service.

“As you would expect from a system designed by Nivo, it is fast, flexible and very user-friendly. Innovative features make essential but expensive tasks quick and simple for customers to perform safely in any convenient location and anytime that is convenient for them, and the speed and ease of use of the app improves their convenience. journey and our application success rate.

Polly Taylor-Pullen, Business Development Manager at Nivo, said: “We are delighted to launch the partnership with Ocean Finance, who are passionate about creating a premier customer experience.

“By investing in Nivo, Ocean Finance saw the opportunity to make it even easier for clients to do business with them and save their team considerable time on administration.

“It’s great to see that when clients are offered the option of communicating through secure messaging, instead of email or post, they respond faster and move their application forward faster.

“I look forward to seeing Ocean foster increased collaboration between brokers and lenders on the Nivo network and to see how we can play a role in making the second load market even more connected.

The new app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play and allows Ocean Finance customers to manage and track the progress of their app 24/7.


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